We are
Founded in 2012, Youth and Society (YAS) is a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) with mission to promote and defend human rights and democratic governance in Malawi in the principal interest of young people and marginalised groups. We continue to play a critical watchdog role in areas of accountability and anti-corruption, democratic governance, human rights and citizen voice. Our core approaches include capacity building, public interest litigation, civic education, advocacy, constructive dialogue, research and coalition building.
What we do
- Investigate human rights violations and seek redress - Build capacities of young people, Children and vulnerable communities to realize full enjoyment of their rights - Promote youth education, participation, and economic empowerment - Promote citizen participation in public affairs - Promote and advocate for conducive environment for socio- economic empowerment of young people, children and marginalised groups. - Promote scientific research in areas of youth and child rights and democratic governance. - Enhance partnerships, collaboration and networking on human rights and governance.
The Institute for Civic Leadership (ICL) is a leadership development program of the Youth and Society (YAS) committed to strengthen capacity of civil society leaders and institutions in Malawi. The program is aimed at building a strong Malawian civil society, empowering innovative civic leadership, and cultivating democracy for nation building and national development. We acknowledge the important and legitimate role of civil society in the fight against poverty, promotion of human rights, democracy and the rule of law in democratic Malawi.
Youth-Decide Campaign We are leading an incredible national youth elections and governance initiative in Malawi called Youth-Decide Campaign. Championed by a consortium of 5 youth-focused civil society organisations namely YAS, Network for Youth Development (NfYD), Young Politicians Union (YPU), MHUB, and YONECO, the main thrust of the Campaign is to stimulate positive energies and participation of Malawian youth in shaping the country’s development and governance agenda through the 2019 electoral cycle (2019-2024).
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